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characteristic of the adaptability and comfort that makes it ideal for any space. Its design form allows the construction of multiple different elements with the possibility of different compositions. The elements are fixed together with easy-to-use metal links while the fabrics are removable for easy cleaning or replacement .Like all our furniture, it is manufactured in our factory with the possibility of modifications and changes in dimensions.Available in a wide variety of fabrics and color combinations.Dimensions shown in an angle 400X190X250 with a depth of 104cm

Some fabrics get wrinkles and folds, especially after transport. Gently tap the cushions to return to their shape and regularly stretch the materials to prevent lumps and distortions. And remember to turn the soft pillows often to keep their symmetry. Products made from Polydown need a more vigorous shake a few times a week, as well as moisture removal, especially if you use them a lot. Accidents always happen. But if you spill coffee, resist the temptation to put your fabric in the washing machine. Instead, dab the area with a dry clean cloth or absorbent paper. Avoid applying too much pressure or rubbing as this will push the stain into the fibers making it difficult to remove. For tough stains, we recommend fabric cleaner. You can dry clean the removable covers, but only in extreme cases. This is because dry cleaning causes temporary gathering of the fabric. If you find yourself in this situation, simply stretch your wallpaper before reinstalling it.

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