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FABRIC 30% Cotton 70% Recycled Polyester Certifications: OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 Green first Eco Cycle COMFORT Anatomic layer 6 layers of materials SUPPORT Pocket springs ADDITIONAL FEATURES Perimeter foam material Breathable fabrics 3 YEARS WARRANTY 24 cm

A few words about the MALIA anatomical mattress: We know your need for even more durability. Prime Support spring system with 2 extremely foamy materials Comfort Foam and Basic Comfort Plus Foam, Dacron Plus layer for an improved feeling of contact with the body and excellent quality certified EcoCycle and GreenFirst fabrics. MATTRESS MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS - The mattress must be placed on a stable base without large gaps (no larger than 3.0 cm), otherwise permanent damage to the product may occur, for which Candia is not responsible. - You must turn the mattress at least every 6 months to air it out and avoid the formation of drafts. - Choose and use a protective cover for the mattress (topping), to prevent stains from human secretions and more. - Do not use water on the product. It can be absorbed and create internal moisture and unpleasant odor.- Do not use chemical cleaners on the product. - Do not smoke while using the product. The flame retardant properties of the materials do not completely guarantee your safety. - Do not use the handles to lift the mattress with its full weight. The handles are only used to slightly move the product once it is already placed on the bed. - Do not touch very heavy objects, do not jump or stand upright on the mattress, there is a risk of permanent damage to these areas.

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